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Canasta game is a Rummy type card game. In Spanish language Canasta means basket. To play this addictive card game a player is required to accumulate or meld the 'baskets' of cards. This game is played with two sets of cards plus four Jokers. The player will have to make melds of 7 or some more cards. This is known as Canastas. If you want to play its American version, the rules are mostly the same with some minor variations from Classic Canasta. There are few websites that offer Classic Canasta games free. Before you start playing online Canasta games here are some basic instructions which are required to be followed.

Canasta instructions for the beginners are as follows

Canasta games are played in partnership of four, three or two players. Online Canasta games allow the player to play this game against other players from all over the world. While playing two-player canasta game online you have two standard 52 card packs along with four jokers and that means, in total 108 cards. The aim of this game is to score high by melding cards. If the player gets two or more cards of same rank it will be called a valid meld. Wild cards, which consist of jokers and two’s, can be applied in melds. Every time a meld should hold a minimum two natural cards.

Besides that the number of wild cards must not go over the number of natural card and it should never exceed 3. If the set contains only natural cards, it will be considered as natural canasta (500 points) and if it contains one or further wild cards it will be termed as a mixed canasta (300 points). To start the turn, of each player they need to draw the top card from draw deck otherwise he can take the discard pile as a whole. The players can also meld after drawing, and their turn ends by discarding a card.

If you follow the Canasta instructions, you can see that the player needs to shuffle the cards and give out 15 of them to both players. After that the card on the top of the stock pile is made to turn over and therefore it becomes the first card of the discard pile. If it turns out to be a red three card, the method will continue till none of the conditions become applicable.

Both players will have to check in the hand if it contains a red three. If this condition applies then, the threes must be melded immediately and new ones will be dealt to substitute the missing cards. But players can not meld Black threes except it contains three cards or more having same color.

Player needs to play cards by taking back and forth from a stock pile when they need to create a meld. But taking cards from a discard pile is not allowed unless the player becomes able to meld a top card. However if the player wants to meld cards first time his cards must come with a fixed value. When the score is below 0, the player must have at least 15 points; from 0 till 1495, 50 points; 1500 till 2995, will have 90 points; and if it is 3000 or greater, will get 120 points. You also can take the top discard when you use it to add on a meld. After one team makes the first meld, the player from this team can make new melds or he can add to melds to make canastas.

While the player wants to go out, he must contain one or more canastas in the game.

For going out, you will have one to two canastas on the table. The required number needed will be decided before the game starts. Here the player does not require discarding to go out if he can meld the entire cards in his hand. A round will be over when all the stock pile gets used up.

The player can score the hand for the round like this: four, five, six, seven, black three should include a value of 5; eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, will be 10; two, ace, will be 20; joker contains 50; and red threes have a value of 100. Bonuses will be given as well for mixed canastas which consist of 300 points; natural canastas will be 500 points. If a player goes out first he will score100 points, and a player gets all four red threes, then his points will go up from 400 to 800. In any case the player becomes able to go out without having anything left on the table; the bonus will be 200 points.

Free, gratis or for money it's worth playing

If you want to play free canasta games, you can play it online. In that case, you will have to start as a beginner and then slowly move forward to play in Advanced and expert level. The online free Canasta games give the player an opportunity to play this game with their friends via LAN. Enjoy this challenging game for free.

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