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Canasta is a popular card game which belongs to the traditional rummy and also another version of 500 Rummy. You can play bingo on many UK websites but it is harder to find somewhere to play Canasta online. The reason of course is that the Canasta and even rummy games are not that popular in Western Europe and the USA. Yet in Eastern Europe in countries like Romania and even in Turkey the rummy games are played by almost everybody and that means players of all ages and classes. Sort of like chess when it comes to society table games. Here is a great rules and information article from Pagat and also, if interested, please read this comprehensive article about Online Bingo from Wikipedia. Though this game offers multiple alternatives which can be played with 2, 3, 5 or 6 players, but in general the rule is to play with four to two players. Players having two standard decks of cards can participate in this game. In this game the players will have to make melds of 7 cards of the matching rank and also "go out" by playing all cards at hand.

There are many websites that offers Canasta Online games. It has multiple variations. However, the common Canasta rules are as follows.

The game can be played between two to six players, either independently or in partnership of two (in case of four and six player games. While playing Canasta Online game there will be two full set of decks of 52 playing cards in addition to four Jokers.

Gaining of points is the main purpose of the Canasta online game and that can be done by melding the cards. A proper meld comprises of three cards or may be more of the equal rank (from four till ace). For instance, one can have three kings or five six times, etc. If the game is played on partnership basis, the melds are owned by the team, but not by any single player. The melds are displayed facing up before one of the members of the team. Usually, partnership can get several melds, and each of them will be of different rank. The players can add more cards of the matching rank to any of the melds of his side, whether beginning by himself or by his partner. But by no mean card can be added to the meld of the opponent.

If you want to learn how to play Canasta then you must be acquainted with certain terms used in the game. Canasta is the game where seven cards are melded. If the cards in the pack are found to be natural, then it will be termed as natural or red canasta. When there is any red canasta just square up the cards and place a red card on the top of it. Having one or additional wild cards means calling it a mixed or black canasta.

In other variations of this game the player may make a meld containing seven cards or more. For that he just needs to continue to include more cards which are of similar rank to a complete and full canasta. If he does so, a meld including more cards (may be eight) will be still considered as canasta. When wild cards will be added in former red canasta, eventually it will become a mixed black.

If you see how to play Canasta, you can see that for every partnership, there is a first turn where one or more melds are put down and it is termed as initial meld. When a player makes the initial partnership meld, a minimum certain count is required, and that is calculated according to the total value of cards which were put down. The player can count a number of separate melds which have been laid down to meet up this condition.

When a player deals a new hand, it will be necessary to check the hands of both players in order to verify if they hold a Red Three. If it is there, then the three will be automatically melded. Moreover an additional card will be dealt at the same time to the hand from which it came. This method will be repeated till none of the players contain any Red Threes in their hand.

In a Canasta online game, it is bit tough to meld the Black Threes, with the exception of when the player is allowed to go out by melding a column containing three or four Black Threes. In that case the Black Threes must be the last cards that will be melded.

When a player discards a wildcard or a Red Three, at that time the discard pile will be frozen. A freeze is specified by brackets [..] which denotes that both the players are now only allowed to get a discard pile when they become able to meld the card on the top by using only the cards available at their hand, as if there is no card left on the table. For instance, if the discard pile becomes frozen and the top card on the pile is also a Seven, the pile can only be taken if the player contains two Sevens in his hand, even if he contain a column of three Sevens on the table. Furthermore he can not use any wildcards in melding, if he includes one Seven plus a wildcard in hand - rather than two Sevens- he can not use the discard pile.

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